Jean- François Chéneau

(By Thierry de Longevialle, General Manager of Musée Louis Vuitton, Asnières, France)

Following the path of famous French traveler-painters, JF Chéneau invites us to share the feelings and the atmospheres he has experienced whilst traveling throughout South East Asia ( Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, India )

Chéneau is an atypical artist besides being a painter, a sculptor and a writer, he is also a successful entrepreneur. He was born in 1955 on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in France then has been living in Bangkok since 2000. His childhood memories of boats and water have been an unending source of inspiration for exploring new shores both for traveling and painting. Where ever Chéneau goes he brings his brushes and oil paints.

Well known Asian seascapes, such as Ha Long Bay, and fragile and graceful feminine figures play a central part in Chéneau’s current travel collection.


2006 - "Siam and beyond" The Rotunda Gallery Bangkok Thaïlande
Art Fair, Neilson Hays Library Bangkok Thaïlande

2007 - "French Fusion Art Exhibition" La Lanta Fine Art , Bangkok Thaïlande

2008 - "Le Club des Miracles de l’Amour", 13 short stories, Bangkok Thaïlande

2009 - "Celebrations" Group Art exhibition, The Rotunda Gallery, Bangkok Thaïlande

2010 - AAF, New York, USA "Croquis d’Asie", Galerie de l’Atelier du 4, Nantes ,France

2011 - "Retour d’Asie", Ateliers du 4 , Nantes France

2013 - "La Vie Ailleurs", shorts stories, Librairie Carnets d’Asie, Alliance Française de Bangkok, Thaïlande.

2015 - AAF Singapore, Blue Lotus Fine Art Gallery , April 16th 19th